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The Secret of the Three Cards

What is the three-card game?

The three-card game is a gambling game played on an improvised table set up on the street with three cards - two identical and one different. The objective of the game is to guess a particular card, for example the ace. The game organizer quickly shuffles the three face-down cards on the table in such a way that the observer cannot precisely follow the chosen card. While shuffling, he occasionally shows where the card to find is to help the observer guess where it is. Once the cards have been shuffled, the player must choose which card is the right one. If the player guesses correctly, they win a sum of money. If the player guesses wrong, they lose their bet.
Needless to say, the game is rigged and is essentially a scam, so beware!

This is how the Three Card Game works

The three-card game is often run by skillful scammers who use different tricks to achieve their goal. Initially, once they've hooked their target, they allow them to win and with the help of accomplices convince them to increase the stakes by flattering them and convincing them they are unbeatable. In reality, it is the moment when the target becomes the classic cooked goose - and before they can really realize it, they will have lost all the money they had. What a fool!
The scammer is usually a skilled manipulator capable of hiding where the actual searched card really is and instead deluding the victim into thinking they know exactly where it is! If you win, it will only be because he allowed it, but rest assured that before leaving you will have certainly lost.

In Naples you may still come across situations like this around the Central Station, so if you witness similar scenes appreciate the theatricality and manipulative abilities but be careful otherwise you could be the next fool!

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