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You're a real Babbà!

Discover its Origins

Despite the babà being a typical pastry of Neapolitan cuisine, its origins are actually quite different. The babà as we know it today originated as a naturally leavened cake from Poland, called babka ponczowa.
Historians say the inventor of the babà was Stanisław I Leszczyński, King of Poland from 1704 to 1735. Legend has it that the king was a great lover of sweets but did not particularly like kugelhupf, a traditional Polish cake he found too dry.
One day, tired of always being served the same cake, he threw it across the table where there was a bottle of rum. In doing so, the cake soaked in the liquor, leaving an intoxicating and very inviting aroma in the air. The King of Poland, who besides sweets loved to wet his whistle, tasted what at first seemed like a disaster and, surprise of surprises, it was delicious!

In Naples they say "Tu si 'nu Babbà"

So the babà is not a cake born in Naples, but rather in Poland, perfected by master pastry chefs in France and further elaborated in Naples where it became a symbol of Neapolitan pastry making. Its sweet, soft and moist taste, soaked in rum syrup, makes it an irresistible dessert so appreciated that for Neapolitans the phrase "Tu si 'nu Babbà!" is a very common saying meaning a person is sweet, precious, a real treasure. It is the highest compliment a Neapolitan can give someone. This saying is also used to describe someone who is very skilled at doing something difficult and extends to objects that work perfectly.

Where to find the real Neapolitan Babà!

For Neapolitans, Babà is a symbol of celebration and pleasure and one of the best you can surely find at Pasticceria Mignone which is a real institution in Naples, located in Piazza Cavour, just steps from the National Archaeological Museum. The pastry chef is very connected to his Neapolitan roots and offers pastries prepared according to ancient traditional recipes, but always with an eye on innovations.
Among the most requested pastries at Mignone's pastry shop, the babà stands out, considered a true delicacy by its regular customers. Here the babà is prepared in its classic version, soaked in rum syrup and lightly glazed with powdered sugar, but you can also enjoy it filled with custard cream, whipped cream or limoncello!
Mignone's pastries' quality to price ratio is definitely one of its strengths, making it an ideal destination for those wanting to enjoy typical Neapolitan treats at affordable prices and it is indeed very popular with locals.

In short, Mignone's pastry shop is an unmissable experience for all lovers of Neapolitan traditional sweets who want to taste an authentic high quality babà, in a welcoming family atmosphere.
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