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The Bourbon Gallery, a secret to discover!

History and Origins

The Bourbon Gallery of Naples is one of the most suggestive and mysterious places in the city of Naples. Built in the 19th century for military purposes, this underground gallery extends for over 400 meters beneath the streets of Naples, from the old cavalry barracks on Via Pace to Piazza Carolina.
Its original purpose was to create a rapid route for troops defending the Royal Palace of Naples, as well as a safe escape route for the monarchs in times of danger. However, the Bourbon Gallery has served other purposes throughout its history.
During World War II, the gallery and adjacent cisterns were used as a refuge for the citizens of Naples, providing shelter from bombings and destruction. Between the tuff walls, between 5,000 and 10,000 Neapolitans sought refuge, many of whom had lost their homes due to bombings.
After the war, the Bourbon Gallery was used as a Municipal Judicial Repository, where everything recovered from the rubble caused by the bombings in Naples was stored. It accumulated everything salvaged from collapses, evictions, and seizures until the 1970s.

In recent years, the Bourbon Gallery has been reopened to the public and has transformed into a highly appreciated tourist destination. The underground journey offers the opportunity to discover the city's history through a journey through time, with glimpses of the past and architectural wonders of the gallery.

Discover the mysterious charm of the Bourbon Gallery!

The Bourbon Gallery of Naples is one of the most fascinating and mysterious attractions in the city of Naples. Built in 1853 to connect the Royal Palace to the area of Piazza Vittoria, the Bourbon Gallery is a masterpiece of engineering and architecture, but it also hides many secrets and mysteries.
The beauty of the Bourbon Gallery lies in its grandeur and extraordinary architecture. The two parallel galleries, 12 meters wide and 12 meters high, are separated by a thin parapet that supports gas lanterns for illumination and feature 2-meter-wide side sidewalks. The lavic stone floor, exposed tuff walls, and barrel vault create a captivating and charming atmosphere.
The beauty of the Bourbon Gallery extends beyond its architecture. Inside the gallery, you can find numerous objects and artifacts that testify to the history of the city of Naples and its people. Among these, you can admire statues from different eras, including the entire funerary monument of Captain Aurelio Padovani, a decorated captain of the Bersaglieri in World War I and founder of the Neapolitan fascist party.
But the Bourbon Gallery also conceals other mysteries. During restoration work, secret passages and underground caves extending for kilometers beneath the city of Naples were discovered. It is a veritable labyrinth of tunnels and galleries, some dating back to the Greek and Roman era.
Perhaps the greatest mystery of the Bourbon Gallery is related to its original purpose. According to some, the Bourbon Gallery was built to hide one of the greatest treasures of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies: the Bourbon treasure. It is an invaluable treasure composed of jewels, coins, and works of art that would have been hidden inside the gallery to protect it from enemy incursions.

In any case, the beauty and mystery of the Bourbon Gallery represent an invaluable heritage for the city of Naples and all of Italy. The Bourbon Gallery is a must-visit attraction for anyone wishing to discover the history and secrets of the city of Naples, and it represents a true treasure to preserve and enhance.

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The Underground Tank

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