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The Best Coffee in Naples is Drank Here!

The Origins of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most appreciated and widespread beverages in the world, but few know that its history is closely linked to that of Naples. In fact, the Neapolitan city was one of the first to adopt coffee as a beverage, thus helping to spread it throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
The origins of coffee date back to the 13th century, when it was discovered in Ethiopia and began to be cultivated in Arabia. Initially, coffee was consumed as an infusion, sort of like tea, but later the technique of roasting beans was discovered, which produced a drink with a more intense and aromatic flavor.
The spread of coffee in Europe occurred from the 16th century onwards, thanks to Venetian merchants who imported it from the Orient. Initially, coffee was viewed with suspicion in many European cities where it was even banned due to its presumed negative health effects and impact on social habits.
In Naples, however, coffee was enthusiastically embraced since the 17th century. The Neapolitan city was already an important commercial and cultural center where diverse cultures and traditions coexisted, and coffee represented a new element of contact and exchange between the various communities present in the city. Over time, coffee became a symbol of Neapolitan culture and identity, to the point of being considered an institution of the city.

The Right Blend: Arabica vs Robusta

Coffee is a beverage loved around the world but not everyone knows the differences between the different varieties of coffee available. In particular, Arabica and Robusta are the two most common and used coffee varieties for blending.

Arabica is considered a higher quality coffee variety compared to Robusta. This variety mainly grows in mountainous regions of Africa, Latin America and Asia. Arabica coffee beans are generally larger and more aromatic than Robusta, producing a coffee with a delicate and refined flavor with fruity and floral notes. However, Arabica is also more delicate and sensitive to climate conditions and plant diseases, making it more expensive and difficult to cultivate.

Instead, Robusta is a coffee variety that mainly grows in Africa and Asia, particularly in Vietnam and Brazil. Robusta coffee beans are smaller and less aromatic than Arabica, producing a coffee with a stronger and more bitter taste with chocolate and tobacco notes. Robusta is a hardier plant that is easier to cultivate compared to Arabica, making it more economical and widespread.

While Arabica is considered the higher quality coffee variety, Neapolitans prefer a more intense and full-bodied espresso coffee that can only be obtained thanks to Robusta. The Neapolitan blend is therefore a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee, with an Arabica percentage ranging from 70% to 80% and the remainder Robusta. This combination of coffee varieties produces an intense coffee with a full-bodied flavor, thick and lingering crema, and a bitter aftertaste. The Neapolitan blend is highly appreciated by Italians and coffee lovers worldwide, representing one of the best expressions of Italian coffee culture.

Here in Naples is Where to Drink Excellent Coffee!

Drinking coffee at the bar counter in a cafe is one of the most Italian experiences you can have. Neapolitans love good coffee, served in a nice hot cup, accompanied by a glass of water and maybe a pastry. A ritual that is repeated several times a day, which is why Neapolitans are great coffee connoisseurs.
When a Neapolitan wants excellent coffee, they know they must go to the Bar Mexico, an establishment that has made a name for itself for the quality of its espresso coffee.
Bar Mexico has two locations in the city, one near the Central Station and the other in Dante, both very popular with locals and tourists. The atmosphere is typical of an Italian bar, with chairs lined up at the counter, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the sound of cups being placed on the counter and the background chatter of customers.
The coffee served at Bar Mexico is exceptional thanks to the combination of high quality raw materials and the mastery of the baristas. The coffee blend used consists mainly of high quality Arabica and Robusta beans, carefully selected by the owners, and the result is an intensely flavored coffee with a thick, lingering crema and intoxicating aroma. Bar Mexico's coffee is so good that many customers come expressly from afar just to taste it.

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Bar Mexico

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Bar Mexico - Piazza Dante, 86 / Giuseppe Garibaldi, 72 - Napoli