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Naples is a Truly Gay-Friendly City

The Insider's Guide to Naples' Lively Gay Nightlife

Naples, a city of many facets, reveals itself as a vibrant center of LGBTQ nightlife. With its vibrant culture, rich history, and unique atmosphere, Naples offers an LGBTQ+ scene full of venues and events celebrating diversity and inclusion. Naples and its people are truly gay-friendly, and anyone can freely express their sexuality without embarrassment.

Piazza Bellini: The Heart of Gay Life in Naples

Piazza Bellini, in Naples' historic center, is the hub of the city's gay nightlife. Here, in the square, among the streets and sidewalks, young people gather to plan their evening and socialize with old and new friends. A popular meeting point is the "Lemme Lemme," which presents itself as a "concept bar" that combines a familiar essence with a modern touch. This meeting point, appreciated by locals and tourists alike, is known for its inclusive and gay-friendly atmosphere. With a powerful Wi-Fi network covering both indoors and outdoors, it allows customers to connect while relaxing with a drink. The staff, especially Gennaro, is praised for their friendliness, making every guest feel like part of the Lemme Lemme family, where you can enjoy a cocktail before heading to Vicolo San Geronimo alle Monache, where Arcigay Antinoo Napoli is located. This historic venue is a place where you can get information on events, parties, and gay venues in the city, as well as a meeting point for quiet evenings or more adventurous adventures.

Anatema: The GLAM-POP Party Illuminating Naples' Nights at Shine

In Neapolitan nights, one of the most sparkling events is Anatema's show at Shine located in Via S. Domenico, 154. The most renowned GLAM-POP party in southern Italy attracts a diverse and party-loving audience eager to experience memorable nights. As one of its mottos says, Anatema "is not told, but lived." At Shine, Anatema means freedom of expression, being oneself, immersing oneself in music, and finding oneself among friends and perfect strangers. The party pays homage to past decades by bringing the rhythms of the '80s to the present day dance floor. It's a night where nostalgia merges with contemporaneity, creating a whirlwind of emotions, colors, and rhythms. Anatema is a 360-degree show where every detail is curated with passion and dedication. Themed events, rich in colors and costumes, are a feast for the eyes and an invitation to let go and become part of the show.


For updates on dates and locations (mainly Shine), follow Anatema's official Instagram Page.

LCND Party: Exploring the Exclusivity of Naples' Night

LCND Party is not just an event; it's an experience that catapults participants into the intriguing darkness of Neapolitan night. Born from the creative minds behind Anatema, this party offers a unique and captivating atmosphere, distinguishing itself for its fusion of passion and mystery. If Anatema represents vibrancy and freedom, LCND Party is its mysterious opposite: a secret universe where anonymity and confidentiality reign supreme. To the sound of vibrant techno music and pop rhythms, guests immerse themselves in a secret location, revealed only an hour before the event begins. This suspension in anticipation adds a touch of excitement and suspense, making each edition an unrepeatable experience. What truly sets LCND Party apart is its strict dress code: all guests must dress exclusively in black, leaving behind any baggage of social conventions. This courageous choice, combined with the absolute prohibition of using mobile phones inside the venue, creates an environment of pure connection and interaction, far from the distractions of the outside world. LCND Party is the place where everything remains secret, a refuge of escape and liberation where every participant can be themselves without fear of judgment. It's an opportunity to immerse oneself in the authenticity of the night, allowing oneself to be carried away by the energy of the moment and the emotions that arise. For those seeking a different, bold, and engaging experience, LCND Party is the perfect choice. It's a meeting of passion and mystery, of music and freedom, in one of Naples' most exclusive and fascinating parties.

LCND Party

To stay updated on event dates and locations (which change for each event), follow the official Instagram page of LCND Party.

Club Venus: A Vibrant Celebration of the Queer Community in Naples

Club Venus goes beyond the definition of a simple club: it's a pulsating celebration of the queer community and creativity in Naples. Renowned for its explosive nights, exceptional artistic performances, and welcoming atmosphere, Club Venus is a reference point for the Neapolitan LGBTQIA+ community, where every person is warmly welcomed, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. What sets Club Venus apart is its commitment to creating a safe and inclusive space. It's a place where authenticity is encouraged, and guests can express themselves freely and have fun without fear of judgment. Mutual respect is the fundamental rule, reflected in the courtesy and hospitality of the staff and clientele. In addition to regular nights, Club Venus also hosts special events, workshops, and themed nights, transforming into a genuine cultural center as well as an entertainment venue. Here, queer culture is celebrated in all its forms, providing a platform for emerging artists to share their talent with an enthusiastic and supportive audience.

Club Venus Bacio

To stay informed about events and discover the magical nights offered, you can visit and follow the official Club Venus page. Here, all information about future nights, guest artists, and special events is available.

Depot: The Cruising Bar of Naples

For those seeking more intense thrills, Depot is a must-visit. Located in Via Veterinaria, this venue is Naples' most famous cruising bar. Fetish nights and adventurous encounters are organized here, offering a unique experience for those seeking bold adventures and memorable encounters. Depot offers an exclusive meeting place for fetish lovers and unveiled intimacy. Inspired by its Milanese twin, this venue has become the Neapolitan temple of sensual exploration. Whether you prefer a themed night with seductive underwear or a bold fetish event, there's always something at Depot that suits you. At the entrance, a brief formality with ID and membership card, then you'll be free to immerse yourself in a world of transgression and fun.

Staff Depot Bar Naples

Cactus Club Cruising Bar

Cactus Club in Via Leopoldo RodinĂ² n.8 rises from the ashes of the historic Macho Lato and brings with it a completely renewed and bold atmosphere. On two levels, the club offers a variety of environments, from the lounge area to the relaxation cabins, passing through intriguing mazes and a dark room. If you have a passion for music and love to immerse yourself in a sensual atmosphere, Cactus Club is the place for you. And for those who belong to or sympathize with the bear community, this club has quickly become the favorite meeting place. It has been many years since Cactus Club opened its doors, inviting gay and bisexual men to enter and discover a world of adventures and unforgettable encounters. Every evening here promises an electrifying and unique experience.

Cactus Bar

Get your card at the entrance and immerse yourself in the magic of Cactus Club. Follow the Instagram page of Cactus Bar to not miss any events.

Sauna Blue Angels: Body Relaxation and Pleasure

To conclude the evening with relaxation and intrigue, Sauna Blue Angels is the perfect choice. One of the first gay saunas in Southern Italy, located in Via Taddeo da Sessa - Centro Direzionale Isola A7, this men-only sauna offers a wide range of services to satisfy body and mind wellness. With its three floors and dark labyrinth, Sauna Blue Angel promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking total relaxation in a welcoming and reserved environment in Naples.

Sauna Blu Angels

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