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Neapolitans Lick the Best Artisanal Gelato!

The Secret of its Origins

The origins of artisanal gelato date back to ancient China, where the consumption of snow or crushed ice-based desserts was common as early as 3000 years ago. However, the modern version of artisanal gelato that we know today has its roots in Renaissance Italy. In the 16th century, Italian aristocracy enjoyed serving ice-based desserts during their banquets and parties. The early gelatos were handmade, mixing ice and snow with fruit and syrups. However, it still took time before artisanal gelato became a popular widespread product across Italy. In the 17th century, artisanal gelato began gaining popularity in Naples, where gelato makers started mixing ice with milk, sugar and fruit to create a creamier version of the dessert. In the 18th century, artisanal gelato spread throughout Italy, becoming a common food item in cities and towns. In the 19th century, inventions of new technologies, like the gelato machine, made gelato production easier and faster. This allowed master gelato makers to experiment with new flavors and production techniques, leading to some of the most iconic flavors of Italian artisanal gelato, like tiramisu, stracciatella and hazelnut, yum!

Flavors of Artisanal Gelato

Neapolitan gelato is famous for its unique and delicious variety of flavors. Some of the most common flavors of Neapolitan gelato include:
  • Stracciatella: cream gelato with chunks of dark chocolate.
  • Pistachio: pistachio flavored gelato, often made with pistachios grown in Sicily.
  • Hazelnut: hazelnut flavored gelato, made with toasted and finely ground hazelnuts.
  • Chocolate: chocolate flavored gelato, often made with high quality dark chocolate.
  • Lemon: lemon flavored gelato, made with fresh lemon juice and grated zest.
  • Almond: almond flavored gelato, made with toasted and finely ground almonds.
  • Melon: melon flavored gelato, made with fresh melon pulp.
  • Strawberry: strawberry flavored gelato, made with fresh strawberries and lemon juice.
  • Sour cherry: sour cherry flavored gelato, made with glazed cherries.
  • Fior di latte: cream gelato made with fresh milk and without eggs.

While personal taste determines best, we love Chocolate and Pistachio flavors!

The Neapolitans lick the best ice cream here, good and panoramic!

When it comes to eating an unforgettable artisanal gelato in Naples, choice is abundant but we'll reveal where to lick the best!
If you love artisanal gelato and find yourself in Naples, you must absolutely visit Gelateria "F.lli Bilancione" in Posillipo, a true city institution. This gelateria isn't just famous for its delicious authentic flavors, but also for its location with spectacular views of the Gulf of Naples.
Situated in a prime location on the hills of Posillipo, "F.lli Bilancione" is a can't miss gelateria. Here you can enjoy traditional artisanal flavors like "babà rum", "English trifle", "almond torrone" and "sorrento lemon". But not only that - the gelateria also offers a wide selection of fruit, cream and chocolate flavors, all prepared with fresh natural ingredients, plus exceptional cream we highly recommend.
What also makes "Il Bilancione" so special is its panoramic position. The gelateria sits in a prime spot on the Posillipo hills with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Naples. You can enjoy your favorite artisanal gelato while admiring the scenery, enjoying the sea breeze and warm sun.
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Gelateria F.lli Bilancione - Via Posillipo 238 - 80123 Napoli