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Discovering the real Genovese in Naples

The Secret of its Origins

"Genovese" is one of the most important dishes of Neapolitan cuisine, along with "Ragù" which is more widely known. However, the name of the dish still arouses curiosity today, since it is a typical Neapolitan dish.
There are different legends that attempt to explain why this dish is called "Genovese". According to one of these legends, dating back to the 15th century, the dish was prepared to feed the Genoese sailors who stopped in Naples once a week. Another version instead refers to the Genoese chefs who prepared the dish in the taverns of the port area of Naples. There is also a legend that attributes the creation of the dish to the genius of a Neapolitan cook nicknamed 'O Genovese.
Whatever the truth, one thing is certain: Genovese was born in humble environments to feed the people.

Genovese in the Family

Genovese is an intensely flavored dish that represents a moment of sharing and unity between people.
Many Neapolitan families have the tradition of preparing Genovese on Sunday, when everyone comes together for lunch. The grandmother or mother takes care of cooking the dish, spending many hours in the kitchen to prepare the perfect sauce. Genovese in fact requires long, slow cooking during which the meat and onions blend together, creating a creamy, flavorful sauce with the typical enveloping aroma that fills every corner of the house.
Genovese is a dish that evokes childhood memories and tradition, and it is for this reason that it continues to be so loved by Neapolitans.

Here are the places to eat the real Neapolitan Genovese!

If you want to eat a Genovese worthy of its name, you must undoubtedly go to the Osteria della Mattonella, located near Piazza del Plebiscito, which owes its name to the beautiful 18th century majolicas that adorn the walls of the premises.
Run by the Marangio family for over 40 years, the osteria is famous for traditional Neapolitan cuisine, reflected in abundant and flavorful dishes.
Genovese is indeed one of the osteria's specialties and is prepared with a very slow cooking that allows the onion to blend perfectly with the meat. The Genovese served at Osteria della Mattonella has become an institution, attracting many lovers of the dish from all over the city and beyond.

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L'Osteria della Mattonella


La Genovese



Osteria della Mattonella - Via Giovanni Nicotera, 9, 80132 Napoli